4 Storage Options for Efficient Spare Parts Inventory Management

It can often seem overwhelming to try and find that one spare part needed in the vast sea of inventory that is the spare parts warehouse. As warehouse and stock room consultants, we see it all too often, thousands of parts in inventory with no real plan to store or organize them efficiently.

It may seem like it will never get better, but with the right storage solutions, your spare parts warehouse can be an organized and well-oiled machine, just like the ones your parts help to fix and maintain. There are many different solutions that range in cost and complexity. There is something available for all size parts and all size inventories.

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How to Improve Your Spare Parts Warehouse Performance

The function of a spare parts warehouse is to stock all critical inventory parts, material, and tools necessary to maintain and keep a manufacturing line up and operational.  Often, spare parts warehouses are treated as a stepchild to the procurement or manufacturing of a business.  Neglecting your spare parts inventory management and warehouses will not benefit your business as they often must go through transitions to improve their support of growing production volumes. 

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7 Spare Parts Inventory Management Best Practices

Often, parts warehouses and inventories do not receive the attention needed to ensure that they operate efficiently and remain accurate. Some reasons we see this are that management perceives that parts departments don’t generate income for the company and they assume that parts should be easy to manage.

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