Warehouse Design Consultants Overview

Whether you are looking for distribution center design consulting for an existing facility, new facility, or a build to suit option - the right warehouse design services are critical to your operations. A distribution center layout needs to be extensive, including all aspects of order fulfillment as well as all storage areas.

Our warehouse design consulting services include:

  • Master warehouse design planning including material handling equipment and automation solutions and control systems.
  • New and existing distribution center design and engineering, as well as build to suit options.
  • Improving productivity and efficiencies for greater throughput and fulfillment accuracy.

As warehouse design consultants, we seek to understand all aspects of your supply chain, product characteristics and storage needs, growth plans and fulfillment processes. These aspects will influence the warehouse design options and process with your team.

The warehouse design process will seek to optimize your warehouse operations and design the following aspects:

  • Facility design options for supporting all inbound receiving docks and processes.
  • Layout of all value-added services including labeling, kitting and repackaging.
  • Options for storing bulk inventory within the warehouse floor plan including ambient and climate controlled space.
  • A detailed distribution center layout to support order picking and fulfillment, including conventional options, and ways to implement automation to support growth.
  • Packing and shipping design options to support the outbound volumes including the shipping staging, docks and doors.
  • Design of warehouse offices, on the floor workstations, and breakrooms.
  • Facility support and maintenance areas, lift truck charging and equipment areas.

Once the design is finalized, FCBCO will develop the detailed bill of materials, and assist your team with receiving competitive bids for all material handling and automation equipment.

Warehouse Design Process and Methodology

FCBCO will work collaboratively with you to develop an efficient and productive warehouse and distribution center design. This design process will improve your new or existing facility and operations. Our warehouse design consultants will begin with conceptual design options, and then move through options until a final design is agreed upon.

Your management team will understand how the various warehouse design options impact the operations and support the long-term growth needs. As part of this process, our team will work to educate your company on what type(s) of material handling equipment and automation solutions are available for your operations.

Methodology for warehouse design projects:

  • Gather appropriate metrics and information to support the design.
  • Site visits with your operational team to observe the current process and collect information on product storage needs.
  • Develop applicable recommendations to improve product workflow, productivity, efficiencies, and space utilization.
  • Quickly develop two to three layout options in CAD for a precise engineered layout,
  • Once all of the elements for the options are reviewed and selected, we will then develop a final detailed, engineered CAD drawing for your team.
  • Deliver, review and discuss the final CAD warehouse layout and design with the management team.
  • Prepare the equipment information and specs, budgetary cost breakdown for each piece of equipment, and a best estimate ROI - where appropriate - of all material handling equipment and automation that is included in the new CAD layout drawings.
  • Ensure the design elements work within your warehouse management system.

As a warehouse design company, FCBCO has all of resources to develop and deliver options for your company. Our team works directly with your team to successfully oversee the implementation of all equipment and automation within your facility.

Let us help you design your next warehouse or distribution center, implementing industry wide best practices and innovative design options to support the product and order growth.